Discover How to Reset Chrysler Uconnect®

Chrysler Uconnect
The Chrysler Uconnect® infotainment system provides some amazing features to Elgin drivers, including turn-by-turn navigation and smartphone integration with Bluetooth® phone and audio connectivity. Yet, like our computers and smartphones, it may need a reset on a rare occasion. Find out more about how to reset your Chrysler Uconnect®. 

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Proceed with Caution

When researching how to reset Chrysler Uconnect® online, odds are you will be brought to different forums and videos showing you different methods to follow. This presents multiple problems:
  • You can wipe upgrades: Depending on the instructions you follow, you may be wiping out Chrysler Uconnect® upgrades that came with your vehicle.
  • You can lose contacts and phone pairing: Any smartphone pairing and shared contacts through Bluetooth®, Andriod Auto®, or Apple CarPlay® could be lost.
  • It may not work: They year, make, model, and version of Uconnect® could all impact the reset instructions, which is why you might see multiple videos or forums giving you completely different instructions.

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While there are many simple car maintenance procedures you can perform on your own, from changing your oil to winterizing your vehicle, resetting your Chrysler Uconnect® is something best left for the trained professionals to avoid any issues with warranties or losing vital information.

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The certified technicians at our CDJR Service Center are available for all your service needs, including resetting your Chrysler Uconnect®. Feel free to contact us today with any questions, or set up a service appointment online. We also offer a variety of service coupons to save you money on your vehicle maintenance.
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